Kelly Bars, Drilling Tools & Accessories

Tescar manufactures high quality Kelly Bars for all models of hydraulic Rigs. Made of high quality ST 52 Tubes and locking strips of special steel, the Kelly Bars are used by many end users world-wide due to their reliability and long life. Tescar also manufactures Hydraulic and Manual Grabs, Casing Vibrators and a wide range of drilling tools such as Core Barrel, Buckets and Augurs.

Tescar Kelly Bars

Tescar manufactures a range of Kelly Bars both as OE Supplier as well as spare to end users world-wide for all leading Brands and Models of hydraulic Rotary Rigs. Manufactured with stringent quality checks and processes, Tescar utilises ST 52 Tubes and Special Steel for Lock strips, thereby ensuring reliability and longer life for Kelly Bars. For more details on Kelly Bars, kindly write to us on .

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Tescar Tools and Accessories

Tescar manufactures a range of Drilling Tools and accessories for Rotary Rigs. The Drilling Tools include high quality Soil & Rock Augers, Buckets & Core Barrel. Tescar also manufactures hydraulic Grabs of various dimensions, Casing Extractors,Jibs,Vibrators and Special Winches as attachment for Rigs & Cranes. For more details on Tescar Tools, kindly write to us on

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Kelly Bars , Drilling Tools & Accessories