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Metax-CIMA Grouting Systems

Metax-CIMA Spa of Italy, manufactures High Pressure Triplex Pumps for Jet Grouting, Injection /Grouting Pumps, Grout Batching & Mixing plants and other ancillary equipment connected with Vertical /directional drilling.


Metax have more than 450 installations of their High pressure Triplex pumps, over 250 installations of Grout mixing & batching plants and several hundred supplies of Grout Injection pumps, working successfully to the satisfaction of contractors in over 20 countries, involved in underground Tunnelling projects for Metro Rail, Hydel Projects etc.


Metax have supplied many of their equipment to leading contractors in Ground engineering segment to many projects and have proved its reliability and consistency in performance.


In India Metax High Pressure Triplex Pumps Model MP 7 as well as Grout Batching Plants Model JM 30 are in operation in the Chennai Metro and very recently Vertical Grout Pumps for Consolidation grouting and cross passages.