'T' series Hydraulic Crawler Cranes

Tescar is offering the 'T' series Hydraulic Crane Model T 10 on the Tata Hitachi Excavator Base EX 200 in India. The Crawler Crane with a 12 Ton capacity has 'Free Fall' feature for the Main winch and foldable lattice Boom ( Optional).The T 10 or T 20 ( 20 Ton capacity) are both on a EX 200 Base with the option of mounting the 'CE' certified Crane on used base machine provided by clients. The low weight and compact design is apt for shifting on standard Trailers.

Tescar Hydraulic Crawler Crane Model T4

Tescar T 4 Hydraulic Crawler crane mounted on a 'Zero Swing' Base of New Holland, is ideal for operation in narrow spaces, inside Tunnels & Buildings. Equipped with a telescopic 2 section Boom, T 4 has the option of assembling an additional Jib. For more details on T 4, kindly write to us on info@tescarindia.com

Products Details

Base Machine New Holland E 70 SR
Max Lifting Load 3500 Kg
Max Line Pull on 2nd Layer 1800 Kg
Rope Diameter 10 mm
Length under Hook 6764 mm
Engine Isuzu, 41 kW

Product Specifications

T4 Specifications

Tescar Hydraulic Crawler Crane Model T10

Tescar T 10 Hydraulic Crawler crane with a total weight of 24.8 Tons, is offered, in India, on a Tata Hitachi Excavator Base Model EX 200.With a Lattice Boom of length 17 meters, T 10 has the Main winch equipped with the 'Free Fall' feature and is most suited for operation along with Rotary Rigs for handling reinforcement Cage and Tremie Pipes. T 10 also has the option of hydraulically foldable Boom, which makes preparation for transportation easy on a semi low bed trailer. For more details on T 10, kindly write to us on info@tescarindia.com

Product Details

Base Machine Tata Hitachi EX 200
Max Lifting Load 12000 Kg
Max Line Pull on 2nd Layer 6000 Kg
Rope Diameter 16 mm
Length under Hook 14498 mm
Engine Cummins 6BT 5-9,94kW

Product Specifications

T10 Specifications

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