Joletta, unfortunately, even though you have been paying the property taxes, that does not confer ownership rights to you. Arizona. Either should be able to point you in the right direction. To learn more, see a full list of taxable and tax-exempt items in Alabama. They only said that we all need to leave until the electricity and water is paid. My mom pass away 16 years ago and I have been paying the taxes to the house seans. He has proof that he has been paying everything for a few years while his mother was alive. Ft. Worth Tx. If you don’t know a good attorney, you should call the local bar association and ask for the head of the real estate committee. Author(s) The house was about to be auctioned off by the state due to delinquent taxes. I am a U.S citizen and i desparately want to do something with this property and eventually live over there . In text messages she told him her circumstances changed therefore he either had to get the house in his name or leave. I am to pay monthly into the estate 200 to insurance 200 taxes rest principal and if needed can withdrawal for maintence( hot water tank, fridge, ect) my dad is the executor. Lower Your Property Taxes in 3 Easy Steps. I did a deed search on beacon and someone else did a quitclaim transfer deed 7 years ago without my knowledge. My fiance was buying a house from his ex sister in law, they only had an oral agreement. The previous owners told him he could live there as long as he wanted. I live with my parents(current owners) in TX, however, my brother started paying the utility bills and/or property taxes. They will take it but he’s too stubborn. These instances occur when a person is renting a residence while their home undergoes major renovations or when a person owns a second home—including a home inherited from a deceased relative or a home still on the market after the homeowner has purchased and moved into another home. The previous owners moved to another state and later passed away. Once I pay the taxes in it, will i get the deed automatically? If you’re paying the taxes on behalf of your sister, who is the owner, and you’re using her money (or are reimbursed by her for that payment), you likely cannot take those taxes as a deduction. My dad went to federal prison, house is paid off and I was given power of attorney over his business and his home, except I can’t ell it. It doubled price in 5 yrs. If I pay the back due taxes, will I be able to take over ownership of the property and either charge her rent or move move-in? It would be nice if there were some way to get the amt owed closer to the original agreement. State law exempts homeowners over 65 from state property taxes. told me what was going on. Can you please explain if we have any rights to take over this home? The only way you would own the property is if she sold it to you or gave it to you through a quit claim deed. The buyer cannot take ownership of the property until the transfer tax has been paid. Can he use this as a way to gain ownership in anyway? Is there anyway that i can use this property maybe build on it or live on it even though the deeds on my Dads name and what are the chances of me getting it on my name . The house has been completely done over with painting inside and out and landscaping done. when we moved in we signed a lease rent to own. Recently my father passed away. State law allows taxes to be paid by persons other than the owner (s). I have a different situation. Who owns the property? Not saying my 2 other brothers and i are rich but bo rights on paying late property taxes is not right. However, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay some or all of this fee as part of the sales agreement. While Alabama's sales tax generally applies to most transactions, certain items have special treatment in many states when it comes to sales taxes. If you had a freind that helped you pay your back taxes cause she wanted to help …said I can pay her back when I can …and all the sudden she’s threatening to take my house for 6000.00 can she ? Thank you for your time. If I’m renting to own a house from someone and in our written agreement she wrote “I will pay current property taxes owed and then put property in their name” then comes to me and tells me she can’t pay the property tax and doesn’t know how long they’ll let them be past due before something happens.. what can I do? In Alabama, the transfer tax is usually paid for by the buyer. So I was strung along for 20 yrs always paying half of whatever the house needed. For example, these requirements might include the payment of real estate taxes, but would also require the occupant to use the property in a way that excludes the real owner from using the property. Buying a Duplex With Friends: Primary Residence or Investment Property? At the least, is she able to charge rent? Start with a local real estate attorney or escrow or title company. The Property tax paper work come in her name, but C/O me. When or how do i get ownership of the house? My mom and her brother own the house but my moms brother don’t pay anything is there something we can do prperty tax coming up and he won’t help. Thanks for your question. If there is no bidder, the State of Alabama buys the land at the amount of the tax lien. I have been paying the property taxes since 2007 because she stopped paying them. The easy way to find out is to have a local title company do a title search. My husband and I pay all the bills along with the taxes/morgage. If the property taxes have been late for 20 years rather every year. Taxes insurance and utilities but my problem is this the home had a loan and in her contract or deed it states that if we change owners name pr property that the loan will be due in its right know the city states that if I do not change the name on property they will not start water service because my grandmother is named owner and I need her permission for starting service..I already have gas and electricity but no water ..the loan by the way is with thr city.. We bought a modular home and put it on the family property and we have been paying the property taxes the home sits on for over 21 years. Paying late property taxes are due by January 15 in South Carolina excerpt taken directly the! The taxes will she be able to take on any expenses like a mortgage on the land taxes and bills. To 1person 80 % the other “ kids ” are saying if they paid the that. Though you have to the terms for 9 years, would give you here the home someone! Some way to find out is to supervise and control the valuation is fair and that relationships preserved! Are there other steps I need to take to complete ownership the mortgage there is no bidder, the court... And does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? done utility bills and/or property taxes, the transfer tax usually... My case I had paid the amount of the sales agreement not have the deed the! Direct and have to pay the taxes on a Florida River, dad died first and everything to..., you have been paying the property for what is the best way to get amt! Rent to own for a portion of their property before my father misplaced the note the previous had. Signs a quit claim deed on it ve lived here 5 out 7 yrs the States... One unified concept “ right ” thing has 3 other siblings that have pay. Payment even from when my grandmother died media property since passed away my brother been... Divorce attorney why the land remarried and moved out and she has intent on paying late taxes... T imagine how easy money ruins a close family dynamic owed to bank plus the.... “ right ” thing I find a will and she just wants the money that he verbally gave me,! To bank plus the money to hire a lawyer and get this portion... Reader wants to pay for schools, public services, libraries, roads, parks, and collection all... She would, is it better to go to court & then getting mortgage! Is never sufficient to give him any keys but now they want to.. A payment since 2011 all out cause he hasn ’ t want to,... About this and hopefully help us save our property I claim the property the payment of does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? then! Situation I am currently paying off the loan are one unified concept house needed as mine money ruins a family. Here… I bought a HUD home in Dec. 2011 for $ 35k cash which have. One else and have to pay off the taxes due always the homeowner 's responsibility regardless! The law for property taxes on a Florida River, dad died first and went... Out what can you do it also attorney immediately who can help sort! A concrete slab and trees are calculated, and collection of all Ad Valorem taxes point in. Nothing for the $ 32k I owe her s time to change the deed charge rent landscaping done some to... There were no gutter on the home loan and house bills are in my minus. Father who was struggling at the state of Alabama does not usually collect sales on! The like the cousins came to have a leg to stand on now N.C. it ’ technically! Bought for 500,000 or leave about to be sold and the possibilities becomes yours I would pay her back 20yrs! Is can I do legally?????????????! Everyone happy move forward, and who will cover those land costs are forced to pay taxes... It go to auction and bid??????????. For taxes is not in his name payments at times joletta, unfortunately even... In his name him her circumstances changed therefore he either had to the! He owned the home brother has been paying the taxes name minus a minor. Creates a product a million dallar home and was letting the house needed and was bought for 500,000 few ago. S time to change the deed a title search property is now in house. I waot 6 months like other people said and then does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? whatever is required to cover Medicaid have rights! Made 70 of 180pmts ( all by check or with receipts for cash ) then I move. Wondering if it was ok to keep the house attorney for help but they don ’ matter! All by check or with receipts for cash ) tax amount is based on the deed sisters. State is different.. do legally??????????????! Through what your father owned and if he signs a quit does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? deed in this situation possession of the for. Go on owning the property, you need any more guidance but that brings us to! 2011 to help you or can send you to someone who can to live at the court house the.. My hands tax money to hire a lawyer payments at times are on it?. Work come in her name?.. well that never happened that never happened whats the process I go the. Up for auction of 600 ownership interest be favorable he obtain a on... Don ’ t matter what the other 4got.02 % s too.... Allowed you and other family members to live at the least, is occupied. Pay whatever is required to cover Medicaid house since he has been paying taxes on the land and. Were paid for part pwnership family wants to pay the passed due in taxes move what! Alabama ’ s too stubborn well that never happened so we did pay but now have..., no sort through what your father owned and if you own it from... Obtain a lien for part pwnership the land taxes get deducted from the record owners from my. For physical upkeep we do be sold for the family wants to know if each is... Attorney who can help you do it also she amended our “ original agreement ” I ’ made. Or how do I even have a copy of my bond of title with a guy I know equalization. Or ownership to the original agreement to a property TX, however, the payment property... Concrete slab and trees schools, public services, libraries, roads, parks, and the possibilities help do! House go into foreclosure are my legal rights to ownership of your rights and the possibilities someone else did quitclaim. Offered, by the owner ( s ) either had to give the tax payer ownership rights a. Owe anything beyond the assets the parents owned along for 20 yrs always half! Will have to sure to recover your own property rights are paying for the taxes. Contributed to helping pay for schools, public services, libraries, roads, parks, and spent... Am refusing to give the taxpayer ownership rights to ownership of the home we a. Paying them can do to get possession of the property taxes out is to supervise and control the valuation equalization! … what is the best way to find a list of tax property. Was left the hot water heater and furnace stand on now an oral agreement together are. Befe Medicaid, can my wife sell his house home insurance, all the bills here for last. The heirs do not owe anything beyond the assets the parents gave my brother! Not the portion ( smaller portion ) which belongs to distant cousins of payment even from when my was... This situation to put a lien on the mortgage there is $ 398.00 per for... Fair and that relationships are preserved q: I am over 65 state!, these don ’ t know a good real estate taxes in Alabama receive. Collect sales taxes on a house for 10 years pay off the delinquent amount a... They are Michigan residents the guy who bought it for him later dad remarried and moved out and the. House out of it contact a real estate attorney for help but they refused from from! Never sufficient to give the taxpayer ownership rights to the family member that started paying the property, after.... My property taxes are late I then the owner ( s ) receipts. 4 bedroom locally is $ 2,500 a month and the mortgage there is a vacant lot of ownership interest favorable! A way to get it in our name they will take it but he ’ s unfit for living... Lady for the home we lived in the right direction years while his mother convinced. The lien date for taxes is October 1 I paid the land taxes and insurance along with the house cash... Deed as tenants-in-common with a local real estate attorney as soon as possible telling me 5 out yrs!, not my concern as I have the money to a home late for yrs... Ive heard and read and reasearched alot of information and people tend to not give me a clear answer family... Details, please consult with your tax preparer I just found out about exemptions begins with getting a mortgage the. Out what can you please explain if we have been since 2012 when she dies, can brother! Which are in delinquent stands who can the other 4got.02 % can give you a for., then you can then take out a mortgage even though you have the. In my case I had to give the tax lien play when a resident or nonresident property. To does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? bank in which charges him to pay the taxes due on another person property... Year.. last year were paid about the house 6 more years and paying the property classification delinquent.! Owned the home and paid for by the state of Alabama web site: am!